Our story

We believe in a world where fast, pixel perfect document creation and lifecycle management is arranged completely according to company branding and company policies.

Rednose creates innovative, dynamic and efficient document lifecycle solutions for all types of businesses.

Rednose pioneers by being smarter than its competitors. By combining our in-depth knowledge of business processes with our customer-oriented consultancy and our advanced software, we guarantee the most efficient solution for our customers.

This is our DNA.

The core values of Rednose

People at Rednose work with vision and ambition. This means that we only go for the best solution and we do that based on our core values.


We focus on what's important and we'll get the job done, simply because we focus.


We plan so that we can focus on the project and still have time to be creative.


We work optimally internally and certainly also with our partners and customers to arrive at the best solution in the most efficient way.


We are constantly looking for improvement. Improvement for our customers, but also in ourselves. We are tackling this Agile: we are constantly releasing new versions. Of our software, but also of our internal processes.

Our company in numbers

Because some are convinced of the credo: “numbers speak louder than words”, we have briefly described our company in numbers below.

Active years
3 K
Documents created per month
Company dog
90 +
Projects completed
40 +
Returning customers
Hours available per day