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Manage your corporate identity and models in docGen together with Rednose. This saves you and your company a lot of time, reduces the possibility of making errors and increases the quality of the document output.

The management within Rednose is set up in such a way that all common activities can be performed by our own administrators. In addition, Rednose has a service desk that is always ready for you.

This makes it easy to maintain one or more
central brandingstyles, setting up standard text blocks, or the
design of a new model easy to realize.

Create perfect documents without any effort

Why docGen?

Control your corporate identity

With docGen you are in control, your branding is always up-to-date which is used flawlessly and uniformly. This ensures a strong brand identity and clear communication.

Ease of use

DocGen works straightforward and quickly, leaving you time for really important matters and allowing you to work even more efficiently. In addition, Rednose has skilled consultants, these people can fix it.

Improve your document workflow

DocGen has integrations with DMSses, standard APIs and various database integrations that make your work process more efficient and improves it overall.


DocGen delivers the exact document you need. Rednose does this economical, quickly and with an experienced service team that is more than helpful to help you get back on track.

Download Spec Sheet

Download the detailed OPS sheet via this button and learn more about docGen.

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