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The docGen document generator Product Suite is the government-wide standard for creating documents in (State) branding, with which approximately 60% of the departments currently create their formal documents such as letters, reports, memos and reports according to the branding guidelines.  

DocGen delivers powerful document generation functionalities, with maximum ease in implementation and integration. Extremely simple yet highly dynamic, docGen delivers an ideal balance between speed and control. From simple letters to complex contracts, docGen lets users generate the documents they need quickly, flawlessly and with the right branding tekstblocks, so they can spend less time on administration and focus on more important priorities. 

DocGen provides a powerful API, with which the control of docGen functionality can be moved to other systems. In addition, docGen can easily be integrated within a DMS or CMS or PMS, in order to offer powerful and fast Document Generation to a user seamlessly or even invisibly. 

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