Backend Developer Position

As a backend developer you are responsible for the further development of our primary application: docGen. You write the code yourself and of course you also take care of the associated unit tests. In addition, you contribute to improving the software architecture and you are actively involved in translating wishes and ideas into a technical design that fits within the design principles of docGen.

We are a small but ambitious team with a passion for detail and a grand appreciation for elegant code and a dog with a little obsession with carrots. Is there a match? Then be sure to apply quickly.

What are you gonna build?

DocGen is a web-based enterprise level application that delivers powerful document generation functionalities, with maximum ease of implementation and integration. DocGen is the government-wide standard for the (automated) creation of documents in (State) branding, with which approximately 60% of our ministries currently create their formal documents such as letters, reports, memos and reports according to the house style guidelines. DocGen excels at using complex dynamic forms, which is what makes the frontend of docGen a complex beast!

The backend of docGen is based on PHP. However, we have been moving towards a Microservices architecture, which makes it easier to introduce new services (and therefore also the use of new languages).

What will you do as a Backend Developer at Rednose?

You will help invent and develop (Agile) new features for docGen. Together with your team and the product owner, you will draw up specifications, work out mockups, and together develop robust backend at Enterprise level. In addition, you think out and write along (preferably generic) links with third party systems (for example a DMS or Process system). You contribute to the development of architectural issues. In consultation with your team, you draw up specifications for new functions and features. You contribute to quality improvements for the application by solving bugs and shortcomings. Based on your expertise, you actively contribute to knowledge-sharing within your team. Give presentations to your team about the feature you proposed or developed. You write your own tests in order to take Test-driven development to a higher level. You are part of brainstorming sessions in order to give direction to the further development of the product.

What you are as a Backend Developer at Rednose

  • Demonstrated experience with PHP 7+
  • Demonstrated experience in architectural principles MVC (Symfony 3) and DBAL (Doctrine)
  • Plus: Experience with C# and/or Go
  • Skilled in creating Single Page Applications
  • Ervaring met toepassing van Design Patterns
  • Experience with Test Driven Development
  • Hands-on experience with Continuous Integration
  • Hands-on experience with Containerization (Docker)
  • Experience with revision management. We use Gitlab
  • Plus: experience with javascript frameworks such as React and Angular. In other words: a full stacker is absolutely welcome.

In addition, you are ambitious, driven and eager to learn. You are able to operate independently, but you are also a team player. You can empathize with our customers and you translate their wishes into sublime code. You have at least 5+ years of experience as a developer and you also stay up to date of the latest techniques and methods in your field.

What you can expect

Your team is small, but has a lot of ambition. The ambition of the team is to deliver new software with high frequency. This means that clean code, design for testing and a high degree of test automation are essential! This team consists of 8 people, 3 of whom are passionate developers with a passion for detail and with a great love for elegant code, and a dog with a small obsession for carrots. We are going to expand this with 3 developers. Within our office we have an informal and free working atmosphere, but also a generous loyalty to the field, each other and our customers.

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